Information about each Project:


In this first phase, the Libras corpus consists of three projects

1) The LIBRAS INVENTORY: Providing samples of Libras produced in different states in Brazil, the Libras Inventory is a project documenting Libras through data collected from language users in three age groups: 18-29 years old, 30 to 59 and over 60 years old. The Libras inventory is situated in the context of the National Inventory of Linguistic Diversity (INDL) which was established by presidential decree 7387/10 as a way to identify, recognise, appreciate and promote the languages ​​spoken in Brazil. It should be seen as an instrument of the National Programme of Intangible Heritage (PNPI) to account for the specific semiotic, sociocultural and political language spoken in Brazil, as opposed to the cultural references covered by other PNPI instruments, such as the National Register and Inventory of Cultural References (INRC). (Supporting Material INDL, 2012:01).

2) ACADEMIC OUTPUTS: This includes texts in Libras produced in different academic contexts, such as subjects in Libras taught at the Bachelor degree level, the Prolibras Examination, postgraduate courses, lectures and meetings 

3) ANTHOLOGY OF POETRY AND STORIES IN LIBRAS: This involves signed productions of poets and storytellers.

We also have glossaries that are part of any Libras corpus.